Five questions of sex toys, sex toy information in India | Dr. Adult Toy in india.

Five questions of sex toys, sex toy information in India . Scope of male sex toys & female sex toys In India

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My style, what is suitable?

My style, what is suitable

All sex toys and adult toy are suitable for use. It only depends what is exact size for use. If size will be sufficient so there will be better to use during masturbation or intercourse. If user is beginner, it is better to use small size sex toys. If males are using sex toys they may have penis rings, masturbator, vibrator etc. If females are using sex toys they may have vibrator, anal plugs, anal beads, strap on toys etc. But if you have allergies etc, you have to be careful to have sex toys touch the body.

There is no age restrictions but size matters for using. Whenever male or female using sex toys, they must know about that particular sex toy so they will be keep secure to become misguided. When user use sex toy after taking proper information they may enjoy particular sex toy well. So all sex toys are suitable just start to use in proper way. If you are an experienced user then you may try larger size sex toys for advanced pleasure. Larger size sex toys are suitable only for those who are already using sex toys.

Criteria for picking sex toys

Criteria for picking sex toys

When you want to pick sex toys it is mandatory to know about the particular sex toy. It should be manufactured by good quality silicone material because if the product will be designed with silicone material so the genitals will not get hurt.

Silicone made materials are smooth in texture so it may easily insert into genitals or will discolor the penis. Whenever picking sex toys you must remember to check the all product details. The product detail will show its manufacturing date as well as its expiry date so user will not get misguided. The product box will show about how to use the particular sex toy during intercourse or masturbation. Be wise that time and read carefully about product.

Picking the sex toy is not difficult but the only difficulty is how to use that one. Most of the time user gets unable to use sex toy accurately. Sometimes size gets bigger or sometimes size gets smaller so these are the hurdles in using sex toys. If user don't want to get misguided there will be best way to know properly about the particular sex toy.

Do you need lubricants or condoms?

Do you need lubricants or condoms

It depends on person to person that whether they want to use lubricants or condoms for their masturbation or intercourse session. If they don't want to use lubricant or condom so it is up to them. If you use lubricant on penis so the penetration will be flexible but if you don't use lubricant then the penetration will be harsh.

If don't use lubricant the penis will get numb or swelling may also occur. So it is better to use. In perspective of women, they should also use lubricant on their anal or vagina. If they use lubricant, the insertion of sex toys will be sleek.

If we talk about condom, it should be use while having intercourse. Condom protects from very serious diseases like HIV, AIDS etc. Condom can be used as contraceptive. It is use for birth control. Condoms are available in many textures that is dotted, ribbed, latex etc. It depends on user that what they prefer for their intercourse or masturbation session. Females should also use condom to protect themselves from unwanted sexual diseases.

How to maintenance?

How to maintenance?

It is mandatory to maintain the sex toys. After using the sex toys it is important to wash or clean them with warm water. Water should be warm and clean so no reaction will be occur onto any particular sex toy. If using any kind of chemical to wash the sex toy it may depreciate that one.

After washing the sex toys wipe it up with clean towel or cotton so no corrosion will be occur onto sex toys if they are made with steel or metal. No water drops should be remain onto sex toys because it may discolor that one. Sex toys must be use by individuals only. It is not manufactured to use by everyone. If sharing sex toys with everyone it may be the symptoms of sexual disease in future. So avoid to share with anyone or partner.

If you use sex toys which are equipped with battery so be aware and do not forget to charge the battery or particular product before use. If you will not charge the battery the problems will occur while using that one. These kind of sex toys should not be use in presence of water because it may damage from water.

Material difference?

Material difference?

If we talk about material difference so there are many materials use to structure the sex toys. Materials can be contain to make sex toys like silicone, latex, metal, rubber, leather etc. Silicone made sex toys will providing smooth feeling on the other side metal made sex toys are specifically consider for the experienced users. It provides hard and tough feeling for genitals. Likewise latex and rubber are somewhat sleek but it provides harsh feeling too. Leather is used to make straps which is widely use to make BDSM sex.

Leather gives rough feeling for genitals so it should be use only by experienced people. It should not be use in the presence of water as well as avoid to use lather made sex toys for long span or for longer intercourse session. Even it should be use for short span as well as shorter intercourse session. But whenever using know properly about particular sex toy.